APIs that financially connect immigrants to their home countries

Offer bespoke financial services to immigrants such as remittances, health insurance, merchandize financing and cross border lending.

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Embedded Cross-border Remittance

Offer your immigrant customers cheap and convenient cross-border money transfer services from trusted brands

  • Competitive Rates and Fees
  • Shop Across Various Remittance Services
  • Cross-border Payment Initiation
  • Remittance Account Information Service
Direct P2P Currency Exchange API

Allow your immigrant customers engage in a safe and secure direct peer to peer currency exchange amongst themselves.

  • Efficient Currency Exchange
  • Cheap International Money Transfers
Diaspora Health Insurance API

Offer your immigrant customers the opportunity to purchase health insurance coverage for their loved ones back in their home countries.

  • Shop Across Various Health Insurance Providers
  • Cross-border Health Insurance Premium Payment & Reconciliation.
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Who we are? +

KaoshiSM creates financial technologies (Software and APIs) that banks and financial institutions license and operate to enable them to provide financial services to the immigrants. Our company is on a mission to revolutionize immigrant banking, bringing state of the art innovation to the immigrant banking industry.

What kind of institutions can license your technology? +

Kaoshi’s technology is licensed by regulated banks and financial institutions that can provide financial services to the immigrants. These include neobanks as well as other financial services focused on providing financial services to the immigrant demographic.

Do you serve as an intermediary between the banks/financial services providers and
the immigrant end users?

No, KaoshiSM is not an intermediary. Our licensed technology allows banks and financial services to directly provide financial services to their immigrant users

How secure is your technology and platform? +

Security is at the core of Kaoshi’s technology. KaoshiSM regularly undergoes both internal and external network penetration tests, and third-party code reviews. KaoshiSM also maintains a SOC 2 Type II report via independent auditors who test the effectiveness of our Data Security program and infrastructure. If you have any questions about our security policy, please email us at info@kaoshi.network.

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